E2E & Drunken Moogles Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to say thank you for all your support of the new Minecraft series Enigmatica 2 Experts. We have made a lot of progress in the 2 weeks since we have started. Faiza has been cooking like a mad man and has gotten us all so many harts. Del has been crushing the magic mods. I have been working on rudimentary Applied Energistics for the spawn. However, we have all hit that point where we are going to break off into our teams and start our bases and adventures. We will still be interacting and playing with everyone and checking up on their progress.

The teams are going to be:

Frost Punk: Helgrind, Tonrac

Heart Heavy: Del, Faiza

Out of The Closet: Ferrell, SlayerRequiem

I am not too sure what each group so far has planed for their bases or mods they will be focusing on, but we are all working on completing the quest book. As for the Frost Punk team. We will be making our main base look like a civilization from the game Frost Punk. We have already found a frozen desert biome and started digging out a crater to build the generator for the center of our base. I am excited to see how this goes and can’t wait to share with you the journey.

In other news tonight I will be streaming FFXIV for our E12S reclears. The Drunken Moogles are 3 clears away from having everyone at BIS. We will be taking a break for a few weeks before getting back together to clear older content before the new expansion drops.

If you have any questions in regards to these changes to my stream in general please reach out to our staff on discord.

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