Stream Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to give an update on the Drunken Moogles and the Minecraft Streaming series. I am excited to announce that that Drunken Moogles have cleared and successfully farmed E12s 8 times. Everyone on our team is best in slot till the next expansion pack. We still plan on playing together and running older content till the next expansion pack. We have decided to give everyone a 2-week break before getting back together to clear older fights.

During this time I have removed the days from my stream schedule, due to being busy IRL. I will do what I can to stream some of the new Minecraft series during this time. Thank you for your understanding of the reduced stream schedule. I always look forward to hanging out with everyone during the streams. So as soon as time allows it I will increase the number of days and the length of my streams.

If you have any questions in regards to these changes to my stream in general please reach out to our staff on discord.

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