New Series

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to announce a new stream day and series to go with it. I will be streaming Enigmatica 2 Experts with Datonis, SlayerRequiem, and other friends. If you have not gone and followed Datonis or SlayerRequiem I encourage you to go and support them with a follow and say hi in chat from me.

Enigmatica 2 Experts is a Minecraft 1.12 mod pack with over 200 mods. These mods are in themselves modified to increase cross mod play and difficulty. Including the crafting recipes across the mods to vanilla. Making the early game tough to survive. It also has a quest book to guide us on our journey to the end game. We will end the series once we have completed every quest in the book.

This streaming series will be every Monday at 6:15 PDT/PST starting on August 30th. We will be starting in a new world then so come watch us scramble to survive the first night. Our goal is to work together to establish the first base to get us through the first bit of the game. After that branch off into our groups to progress through the quest book.

Datonis, SlayerRequiem, and all others who will be joining us are all friends just having a fun time together. Shenanigans are bound to ensure including pranks and adventures. So please keep this in mind and be kind in everyone chat. With that said everyone in the series is allowed to stream outside of my stream day and progress to the end of the quest book as they please. So please support them on their journeys as well.

If you have any questions in regards to these changes to my stream in general please reach out to our staff on discord.

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